About us

In the field of photo services, our store has been operating since 1995. In the process of work, the demand for photographs in frames constantly grew, but it was not possible to acquire a framework for solving the problem at that time in Ukraine. Therefore, in 1998, we decided to create a baguette workshop, which eventually turned into a manufacturing enterprise.

Today, our production facilities allow us to manufacture products in quantities of up to 5000 frames in one working day. We have our own baguette stocks at the warehouse - this gives us the opportunity to quickly accept and make an order in any quantity and in a short time. Varieties of baguette for the manufacture of frames are constantly available (now we have about 500 species). The range is constantly increasing and replenishing.

kruzoframe.com provides the following services:

  • Photo printing on FUJIFILM equipment;
  • Production of frames, collages and gift sets of various sizes, colors and types;
  • Production of anti-frames with glass edge polishing;
  • Making photos and completely different types of images (paintings, diplomas, icons, embroideries, etc.) in frames;
  • Making mirrors in a frame.

All our services can be ordered on an individual order.

We sell goods at retail and wholesale.

kruzoframe.com helps you create an exquisite work of art even from a regular shot. For us, photo printing is a classic that is eternal. We like to decorate, decorate, which means to make the world more comfortable and beautiful. This is our work, which we always do with great pleasure!

We invite you to cooperate: photo shops, gift shops, stationery stores, exhibition centers, art shops, cafes, restaurants, bars and so on.